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Our mission is to be the best locksmith and unlocking mobile technical services company in the world.
Pop-A-Lock is the country’s largest group of locksmiths, providing 24–hour locksmith services across the country. As a result of years of dedication to pride in service and customer satisfaction, we have developed a reputation for fulfilling customer needs quickly and professionally. Today, Pop-A-Lock is home to the nation’s most trusted locksmiths.

Our feature locksmith services at Pop-A-Lock include:

Locksmithing - We specialize in residential locksmith, commercial locksmith and car door unlocking services – covering everything from key cutting to lockpicking and much more.

Car Door Unlocking - When it comes to unlocking a car, we provide the fastest, most reliable lockout service 24 hours a day, every day of the year – all at low rates and fully insured.

Roadside Assistance - Although we are primarily locksmiths, we are always here to help you with emergency services including lockouts, flat tire assistance, jump starts and gasoline delivery.

Emergency Door Unlocking - Pop-A-Lock is proud to have pioneered the Emergency Door Unlocking (EDU) Program - a free community service dedicated to saving children who are inadvertently locked in vehicles.


In addition to providing standard locksmithing and unlock services, Pop-A-Lock offers a number of specialized services and products for corporations and businesses to increase employee safety and security while decreasing employee theft. Our certified technicians can even assist you in ensuring the safety and security of your home with a security audit and re-key service.

Whether you need a vehicle locksmith, an emergency door locksmith or any other unlocking or security service, you can rely on our team of certified professionals to be reliable, efficient and able to handle any locksmithing job or lockout situation in a timely manner. Pop-A-Lock is committed to providing customers across the nation with fast and reliable professional services at a competitive rate.

All Pop-A-Lock technicians are trained at our state-of-the-art training facility, remain up-to-date on the latest technology and use the latest and most effective tools to ensure that you receive the best service possible.

To learn more, find the Pop-A-Lock locksmith location nearest you.

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